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Beauty consulting SO Daring, A BeautExperience

Beauty Consulting

Dedicated to empowering women by teaching cosmetic and skincare applications tailored to rejuvenate their maturing features. I also touch on the importance of cultivating simple yet impactful self-care habits, recognizing that nurturing ourselves goes hand-in-hand with enhancing our natural beauty.

Daring Beauty Secrets


Beauty Session in Progress

One on One Beauty Experience

During our session, we'll take a deep dive into your daily self care routine, explore makeup selection and application to accentuate your unique features, and create a signature look that truly reflects your personality. 

LYL Lashes

Lash Workshop with Your Besties

Looking for something fun and different to do with your best friends? Try a Lash Workshop for your next “Girls’ Night”

Located At


11B S King St

Leesburg, VA 20175


(571) 416-0096‬



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